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Education and Insurance

The flood of data that banks and other financial institutions are facing today is really challenging to handle, but same is picking the right data for decision support for individual departments. As practice shows, large part of the data is collected just because of historical reasons, but is not being utilized at all. Examination can help to choose appropriate indicators for each department, in order to start the competitive fight for the first places in the graph, or just to get into the green numbers area. In numerical translation for the bank this approach means either an increase in product sales, or direct financial savings.

For the needs of banking institutions we are preparing a variety of dashboards to meet the needs of individual departments (financial, product, card, marketing, risk, HR, IT, property and investments, procurement, customer service, operation and maintenance etc.). The most commonly deployed are:

    • Progress evaluation of merchantability (for products, groups, types), retail and corporate banking
    • Financial indicators
    • Evaluation of existing products, source materials for the new and outdated ones
    • Analysis of customer behavior, cards usage, utilization of additional services
    • Real-time monitoring and evaluation of marketing campaigns
    • Employee analysis, remuneration, company benefits consumption, interactive organization structure
    • Risk assessment and management
    • IT infrastructure utilization and availability, performance SLAs, hardware obsolescence and replacement
    • Overview of assets, budgets, development investments
    • Procurement of property and services, cost centers, tenders
    • Customer services utilization, consultants analysis, identification of problematic elements
    • Analysis of the cost of buildings, fleet management
    • Interactive map of buildings and energy consumption information, faults, technical inspections etc


The insurance industry is one of the the world’s most developed area, nowadays it is possible to insure almost anything. A large number of insurance entities with numerous products annually generates enormous amounts of data necessary for the registration and administration of insurance policies, incidents, claims or indemnities. All these data represent a key instrument thanks to which it is possible to analyze and predict customers behavior – before performing any terms changes, but also for estimates and risk management, or to deliver new and innovative products.

Almost all departments of insurance companies process data, so the visualizations are useful literally everywhere, especially for:

    • Analysis of the marketability of new products, by region, by broker, by products etc.
    • Interactive map of entities, for instance branches or partners
    • Risk evaluation, Scorecards
    • Assessment and modification of compensation schemes, special margins and bonuses
    • Analysis of the existing portfolio and customer base
    • Utilization of liquidators, IT infrastructure, call center
    • Fulfillment of plans and objectives of individual organizational units
    • Insurance claims, false claims, Fraud

For the area of Retail and Distribution it’s essential in addition to sales analyzes to examine the major trends and changes in the market behavior, in order to respond to changed conditions promptly. Here it’s more than a general rule, that the visualized analytic overview wins over classic table reports. Organization of such type typically uses a variety of marketing activities to promote sales, which for the purposes of operational management is necessary to track and assess in real time.

For the Retail and Distribution segment, these needs can be identified:

    • Time evolution of revenues vs. costs, cash flow, turnaround, seasonality, stocks
    • Interactive benchmark of operations, sales managers, but also consumers and customers
    • Analysis of merchantability of products, groups, brands
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of different sales channels, B2B
    • Evaluation of marketing activities, campaigns, discounts
    • Tracking and evaluation of the loyalty programs, measuring customer satisfaction
Energy and Utility

We all rely on our Energy and Utility, each and every single day, therefore the processing and analysis of data from such sector requires ingenuity on several levels at once. The energy production itself is followed by it’s sale, distribution, servicing and maintenance of infrastructure, customer services etc. All of these important layers generate a huge amount of valuable data to be melted into useful information for improving business processes and customer satisfaction.

Analytical overview of this sector shows the most common needs:

    • Interactive maps of routes, workloads, failures, leaks, with a direct link to GoogleMaps
    • Profitability, investment returns, failure of individual units (technological, geographic, functional …)
    • Interactive benchmark of the effectiveness of sales channels, partners
    • Failure and repair analysis, costs of repairs and maintenance, planning, investment projects
    • Evaluation of call center utilization, IT infrastructure, fleet
    • Analysis of the customer base, marketing campaigns, bonuses utilization etc.

None of the sectors is in such demanding conditions such as public health service. In addition to lack of funds, the system is also afflicted by frequent changes in legislation, ending up in unclear rules and accumulated administration. Differences set within contract terms and limits put in place by the insurance companies makes the situation even more challenging.
Despite everything, there are ways to streamline the functioning of clinics, beds or stocks, or provide valuable input for negotiations with health insurance companies.

Depending on the size and range of health care providers we can prepare tailored analytic dashboards, primarily making use of hospital information system, showing information in real time. Most commonly delivered dashboards for health providers include:

    • Analysis of ambulances and SVaLZ care
    • Benchmark of clinics, sectors, ambulances, physicians
    • Patient’s bed utilization
    • Analysis of hospitalizations for head doctors
    • Analysis of treatments and hospitalizations for the need of negotiations with health insurance companies
    • Drug Stock – transfers, depreciation, consumption, expiration, disproportions between stocks
    • Quality indicators – monitoring of adverse situations in real time
    • Drawings by the insurance companies, limits and excess limits, repaired treatments
    • Target following for the goals established within ISO standards
    • Trends of diseases and diagnoses – eg. for publications, education
    • Interactive maps of buildings and premises, energy consumption, failures and repairs, technical inspections

Manufacturing companies continuously streamline its operations so that they can produce at the highest volumes possible, always faster and at the lowest cost. And as far as possible, with zero downtime. This extremely difficult task entails constant monitoring and evaluation of large quantities of inputs and outputs, which is obviously a big challenge.

Therefore, we’re helping these companies to simplify the view of the overall operation of the lines, or to implement graphic plan to show the distribution of various machinery and equipment. Interactive maps allow to immediately identify the defects, track data of processed products or work-pieces, resulting from excessive deviations, machine failure or human error.

Thanks to the collection and evaluation of production data we can prepare analytical reports covering areas such as:

    • Score-cards of suppliers
    • Efficiency of handling with material, products, work-pieces
    • Productivity and cost ratio
    • Shutdowns
    • Benchmarking of operations, teams, shifts, workers
    • Monitoring of compliance with plans and specifications, supplies
    • Quality – any established statistical methods
    • Fullfilment and execution of safety regulations and norms like OHS, ISO, OHSAS …

The segments of Transport and Logistics are facing daily with the pitfalls of rising input costs, increasing domestic and foreign competition, but also with let’s say more human problems such as staff turnover, and others. Not easy to orient themselves to meet the demanding requirements of customers, but also to manage growing administration.

Using interactive analytic reports will help you to identify bottlenecks and streamline business operations, by watching for instance the following indicators:

    • The total cost of truckload, trucks, fuel
    • Comparing and evaluating the effectiveness of contracts
    • Benchmark and evaluation of drivers, vehicles
    • Monitoring life-cycle of vehicles, their failures and maintenance planning
    • Monitoring cash flow, leasing, payment discipline of customers

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