The most powerful data analytics platform
Let the world’s fastest database take you to the next level.

Release the limitations and tuning efforts of legacy data management systems. Get empowered and eliminate data challenges – from Enterprise Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics to BI Acceleration, and Gigabytes to hundreds of Terabytes.

Will Change the Way You Think About Your Business

The Exasol database is the most powerful data platform on the market. Use it to help your team breathe again.

Technology market leader

The Exasol team has a solid background in the research area of high- performance computing (HPC). We know how to leverage the power of many core CPU’s across clusters of standard servers. Read through our whitepapers to learn more about all the smart concepts in our technology.

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World’s #1 for speed

Independent TPC-H benchmark proves that Exasol is the fastest analytic database. It ranks number one, by a significant margin, over other solutions.

Gain an edge with the most powerful data analytics framework

Our in-memory based database system is the fastest and most scalable analytic RDBMS on the market. Smart concepts and an open platform will change the way you work with data!