Plugins for PD

SAP PowerDesigner is a unique tool with superior performance, delivering broad functionality right out of-the-box. In combination with its extensive support for extensions and customisations there are literally no boundaries of what can be achieved with the tool. Our experts are ready to help you to tailor the tool functionality to your specific needs.

PowerDesigner plugin for Exasol

While SAP PowerDesigner is a perfect tool for modelling DWH, Datamarts, ODS etc., it misses native support for Exasol database. Therefore, customers of Exasol, who often used to work with PowerDesigner had to face this disadvantage and look for some alternatives.

But hey, great news! We have decided to combine these two awesome technologies and integrate with each other, so you can now leverage the best DB modelling tool on the market with the fastest in-memory database. That’s a winning combination!

Being an official partner of both vendors: SAP and Exasol, it guarantees our expertise and commitment to such integrations. We are as flexible as possible and passionate to work with customers of all sizes. We can deliver either the whole package: Exasol DB, SAP PowerDesigner and our PD Plugin for Exasol, but can as well do just partial delivery of any of these components, based on your current needs. Just get in touch with us and we can find the best licensing model for you.

Technical information

We understand that the techniques of use of a modelling tool is quite different across the customer base, with various development approaches. Hence, we have prepared the Plugin to support you in almost any of modelling approaches you have in place.

Except of the plugin itself, we also provide additional services for customers to help them to speed up their modelling processes, to develop more efficiently and keep their models organized and standardized. These services are based on our rich experience and best practices from various markets, gathered over the years. It might include services like: Methodology preparation, Custom checks, Mapping, Bulk table creation, Bulk comment adjustment, Data Assessment, Master Data management, Data Governance, or our unique Metadata Portal.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you about how you would like to combine PowerDesigner with Exasol in your organisation.